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Welcome to SGAL Consulting, a new media consultancy specialising in using moving pictures to sell products.

We’ve worked with leading retailers to drive sales growth from launching live television channels to adding video clips to their multi channel offerings. We offer a plain speaking, easy to understand way of determining the products and formats that work best.

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Two Competing TV Trends – But Live Is Winning

This was the day after the finale of Broadchurch on ITV. Everyone was discussing...

Smart TVs are difficult to use

Smart TVs are getting a thumbs-down from early adopters, according to research f...

Three reasons why broadcast TV should go online

Here is an excellent article from Mika Salmi, the CEO at creativeLIVE. Mika sums...

So why internet connected television?

Internet television and connected TV are terms that are popular amongst manufacturers and retailer of television. For those of us with experience of retailing via TV, an internet connected TV offers a tantalising opportunity to add a quick checkout to the product…

Do you use your phone or tablet whilst watching TV?

Using mobiles, tablets and laptops whilst watching TV is commonplace, especially for the younger ones amongst us.
The industry refer to this as “second, third etc. screen use” and it is being exploited by a number of companies to provide enhanced services…

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